Video Production

Being able to plan an entire shoot is an testimony in our broad scope of abilities, skills and talents. Here is a great example. iCandy keep budgets down while maximizing results for your company.

Concept To Completion

From budgeting, location scouting, coordinating and securing the equipment from multiple vendors, to planning the shoot, capturing the footage, then performing post-production video and audio editing then to final render, we owned the entire process of the production of this video.

Small Budget, Big Results

We captured the video on-location with two Sony A7iii cameras, a Rhino Arc II Motorized Slider, Sennheiser wireless lapel mic and Aputure 150d light, with a few colored LED panels.

Motion Graphic Design

We created the entire motion graphics package for this project. The logo reveal, the on-screen graphics, cutaways and motion tracking were all conducted in-house in After Effects.

The Finish Line

What normally take companies months of planning and coordination, we shot in a 4 hour window, then edited motion graphics, on-screen graphics and motion tracking in less than 2 weeks. Choose iCandy for quick turnarounds and excellent results.


After creating the budget for this project, we went about the process of selecting/securing the equipment, then scheduled the shoot (location scouting/talking with talent). From there, we set up the shots, (2 cams, 1 on auto slider, 3 point lighting), captured the interview footage, ingested/logged the raw camera data, editing and building the rough cut in Premiere Pro and editing the audio in Audition.

We then selected the background music to be licensed, built the motion graphic and SFX package in After Effects (logo reveal, on-screen titles, motion tracking), coordinating with team for feedback before editing final cut for distribution.

All in all, it took about a month to complete, because the company was undergoing executive staff changes in the middle of this project being assigned and completed.

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